Home Runs for Homeless Youth

Are you ready to kick it? Join us for the 6th Annual Home Runs for Homeless Youth! 

  • When: June 4, 2017
  • Where: Ron Tonkin Stadium in Hillsboro
  • What: Round Robin, Single Elimination Kickball Tournament

 Home Runs for Homeless Youth is a kickin’ fundraiser for HomePlate Youth Services, who serve the growing number of youth experiencing homelessness or instability in Washington County through outreach and drop-in centers. 
2017 TEAMS
We have room for 24 teams this year--last year we sold out. 
Contact Kirsten@homeplateyouth.org 971-322-9381 to learn more.

  • ADAPT Training ("ADAPT or Die")
  • Adidas ("Yeezy Outs")
  • Beaverton Foods ("Horseradish Peddlers")
  • Cinder ("Kicks & Giggles")
  • City of Beaverton ("Beaverton Roll Bounce")
  • City of Hillsboro Youth Advisory Council ("YAC Attack!")
  • Edwards Center, Inc. ("Rubber Booters")
  • FirstTech Federal Credit Union ("Sidekicks")
  • HomePlate Youth Services ("Kickin' It Old School")
  • "Just for Kicks" 
  • Kentco/Sunset Presbyterian Church ("Kentco + Sunset Kickers")
  • Koeber’s Interiors ("Carpet Baggers")
  • Learning.com ("Learning to Kick")
  • Madden Craftsmen ("Madden Tools")
  • Metropolitan Land Group ("Daj Mahbal")
  • Nike, Inc. ("Sir Kick-A-Lot")
  • Reser's Fine Foods ("The Potato Sackers")
  • SureID ("Sure Lucky Kickers")
  • Tualatian Valley Fire & Rescue ("Stop, Drop & Rollers")
  • Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center ("School of Hard Shots")
  • Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center ("New Kicks on the Block")
  • Washington County Parole & Probation Officers ("Tuff Cuffs")
  • Westside Fitness ("Westsiders")

Check out our PhotoBucket page for all the game day photos. You can use this site to download and share teams photos. Don't forget to use the #HR4HY when sharing your photos on social media sites!
Congratulations to Our 2016 Winners:

  • Champions: "ADAPT or Die" (ADAPT Training)
  • 2nd Place: "Planet Kick-ness" (Planet Fitness)
  • 3rd Place: "Rec'n Crew" City of Hillsboro Parks & Recreation
  • High Five Award: "Sir Kicks-A-Lot" (Nike, Inc.)
  • Team Spirit Award: "In It to Wing It" (HomePlate Youth Services)
  • Best Cheer Squad: "Carpet Baggers" (Koeber's Interiors)
  • 5-Year Baller: City of Beaverton
  • 5-Year Baller: Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue

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Questions? Want to join us? 

Kirsten Carpentier, HomePlate Development Director
971.322.9381 : kirsten@homeplateyouth.org
We also need volunteers for this event! To learn more, please contact:
Amy Smetana, Volunteer & Operations Coordinator
971-238-3055 : amy@homeplateyouth.org

HomePlate Youth Services is a 501(c)3 organization. Sponsorship fees and other donations are tax deductible. No refunds for inclement weather, we play rain or shine.