Home Runs for Homeless Youth

Are you ready to kick it? Join us for the 6th Annual Home Runs for Homeless Youth! 

  • When: June 4, 2017
  • Where: Ron Tonkin Stadium in Hillsboro
  • What: Round Robin, Single Elimination Kickball Tournament

 Home Runs for Homeless Youth is a kickin’ fundraiser for HomePlate Youth Services, who serve the growing number of youth experiencing homelessness or instability in Washington County through outreach and drop-in centers. 
2017 TEAMS--Hurry, "Early Innings" Discount ends soon! Sign up today! 
We have room for 24 teams this year--last year we sold out. 
Contact Kirsten@homeplateyouth.org 971-322-9381 to learn more.

  • ADAPT Training 
  • Beaverton Foods
  • Cinder 
  • City of Beaverton 
  • City of Hillsboro Youth Advisory Council
  • FirstTech Federal Credit Union
  • HomePlate Youth Services
  • "Just for Kicks" 
  • Koeber’s Interiors ("Carpet Baggers")
  • Learning.com
  • Madden Craftsmen 
  • Metropolitan Land Group ("Daj Mahbal")
  • Reser's Fine Foods ("The Potato Sackers")
  • SureID
  • Tualatian Valley Fire & Rescue ("Stop, Drop & Rollers")
  • Virginia Garcia Memorial Health Center
  • Washington County Parole & Probation Officers ("Tuff Cuffs")

Check out our PhotoBucket page for all the game day photos. You can use this site to download and share teams photos. Don't forget to use the #HR4HY when sharing your photos on social media sites!
Congratulations to Our 2016 Winners:

  • Champions: "ADAPT or Die" (ADAPT Training)
  • 2nd Place: "Planet Kick-ness" (Planet Fitness)
  • 3rd Place: "Rec'n Crew" City of Hillsboro Parks & Recreation
  • High Five Award: "Sir Kicks-A-Lot" (Nike, Inc.)
  • Team Spirit Award: "In It to Wing It" (HomePlate Youth Services)
  • Best Cheer Squad: "Carpet Baggers" (Koeber's Interiors)
  • 5-Year Baller: City of Beaverton
  • 5-Year Baller: Tualatin Valley Fire & Rescue

See more info about the History of HR4HY...


Questions? Want to join us? 

Kirsten Carpentier, HomePlate Development Director
971.322.9381 : kirsten@homeplateyouth.org
We also need volunteers for this event! To learn more, please contact:
Amy Smetana, Volunteer & Operations Coordinator
971-238-3055 : amy@homeplateyouth.org

HomePlate Youth Services is a 501(c)3 organization. Sponsorship fees and other donations are tax deductible. No refunds for inclement weather, we play rain or shine.