Our team of staff and volunteers travel Washington County four days a week, meeting youth where they are, and providing basic resources like water bottles, hygiene supplies, and referrals to other community partners. They visit transit centers, schools, skate-parks, other suggested locations and ride public transit - to find youth, where they are and provide resources on-site.
The Green Backpacks
Each outreach worker carries a green backpack that designate them as HomePlate outreach workers. These backpacks come filled each day with needed resources like bottled water, snacks, resource-guides, and hygiene supplies, which are not only usefull in ensuring the health and safety of youth, but also provide great ice-breakers. Outreacher workers also provide all interested young people with outreach cards. Outreach cards have information about HomePlate's drop-in meals, and how to contact our outreach workers directly. Even youth who are not homeless are encouraged to take these cards to provide to friends if they ever find themselves in a crisis.
Outreach Card
Front of the Outreach Card
Back of the Outreach Card