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Eagle Scout Builds Garden Beds & Benches for Youth


Eagle Scout, Thomas Verzani, enlisted the support of 14 of his friends and family to create 2 truly beautiful benches for our front porch and to build and fill 2 big garden planters for our youth garden project. Thomas approached us about a year ago to start planning the projects and did a wonderful job designing and building to our requests. With the help of his community, he secured donations to cover materials and installed everything on June 17, 2017.


Community gets kicking & helps HomePlate raise $27K!

The weather was near perfect for an amazing day of kickball competition, fundraising, and community support! We had 24 teams playing, and for the first time ever, 5 of those teams were made up of youth. Teams played in either the competitive or recreational divisions and trophies were given out for both sets of champions. 
Competitive Winners
1st Place: "ADAPT or Die" (ADAPT Training)
2nd Place: "Potato Sackers" (Resers Cares) 
3rd Place: "Carpet Baggers" (Koeber's Interiors)
Recreational Winners:

Welcome Merilou!

Please help us welcome Merilou Hundley, our new part-time Operations Coordinator. She'll be supporting our work with many of the behind-the-scenes details of running HomePlate. Merilou has a background in business, coaching and psychology and is very organized. We're excited to have her as part of our HomePlate team!

Merilou can be reached at or 971-371-0938

Finding Home

Chyenne has been with HomePlate since 2015, first being introduced through our-Sit N-Stay program. Since then, she's attended drop-ins regularly, but always struggled with finding a safe place to call home. This year, Chyenne had her first child and was determined to find a stable place for her, her daughter, and partner Lulu.

After many months of rotating through the family shelter network, an opportunity to lease an apartment presented itself and just this week, Amber from the outreach team, was able to move them and all their belongings into their new and permanent home! During trips between the car and the apartment, Chyenne said to Amber, "Can you believe it? I've been homeless since you've known me, and now my name is actually on a lease."


We are so excited this amazing, strong, and resilient family has finally found a place to be proud of and to call home!

Spotlight on Roxanne, Day Drop-in Volunteer

Roxanne has been volunteering at HomePlate since November 2016, and started shortly after we opened our new office and drop-in space in central Beaverton. We truly couldn’t run the space as well without her consistent and cheerful presence! On Tuesday afternoons she is busy welcoming youth, sorting in-kind donations, and keeping our space tidy and well-stocked. She helps us make the space feel homey, and helps youth find the clothing or hygiene supplies they need.


Roxanne is also a member of the Beaverton First United Methodist Church, our landlord and community partner. Through a grant provided by Nike to BFUMC, she helps us keep the freezer and cupboards stocked with snacks and microwaveable meals that the youth love.  Thanks so much for your support!! 

Youth Get Jobs!!!

This has been a very exciting month for several youth here at HomePlate! With the support of many volunteers and staff, and our brand new office, the Youth Employment Program has already reached dozens of youth, with almost 20 of them working on job-readiness training. Last month the Sonrise Job Fair proved to be a great opportunity for several of our youth to get to know nearly 30 employers in the local community and connect with them for employment— one youth even found two jobs through the fair.


All in one week--Two youth have connected with Tom Com, LLC, where they will participate in a paid internship gaining valuable experience in the fiber optics intdustry. Through WorkSource another young person who has been struggling to find stability will soon begin a paid internship experience, and he will apply for our Sit-n-Stay program this summer.


Here at HomePlate, we are grateful for our donors and partners because they contribute so much to the continued success of our youth in their pursuit of stability and prosperity. With the opening of our new office we have truly expanded our services and especially our Youth Employment Program.


If you are interested in learning more or becoming a community partner, please contact Christi Doud at or 971-400-0551. 

Spotlight on Debbie at the Beaverton Public Library

If you’ve ever been to the Beaverton Public Library you have probably been greeted by Debbie’s warm smile. Not only is Debbie the custodian at the Beaverton Public Library but she is also one of Washington County’s greatest advocates for folks experiencing housing instability and homelessness. Debbie can often be seen chatting up the regulars, scurrying around getting snacks for folks who are hungry, and making referrals to Sunshine Food Pantry and HomePlate Youth Services. 


When the HomePlate Outreach Team visits the library each afternoon, Debbie always greets them with uplifting energy. She tells the Team about youth she told about HomePlate and introduces them to young people who may be looking for services. She has even been known to meet young people and walk them over to the HomePlate office herself.

From all of us at HomePlate, thank you, Debbie! 

, Your Support Makes a Difference!

It’s an exciting time at HomePlate! Each week our new space is busier and busier as youth learn from our Outreach Team about our Tuesday afternoon drop-in. Youth are also making daily appointments to meet our new Employment Coordinator, Christi, and she has been very busy helping them fill out resumes and find jobs. It is all possible because of your investment in the young people of our community. 


Because of your generous support, we’re able to help youth get their IDs to apply for employment and housing. In the bitter weather we provided a place to warm up, eat a snack, find a heavy coat or sleeping bag. You helped us keep our Youth Pantry well-stocked and made yummy dinners for our evening drop-ins. Office volunteers help keep us organized and provide a welcoming presence. Community volunteers provide cooking classes, crafts, games, and outside excursions. These are so important to a sense of mastery and belonging. 


Some of the youth we serve are expecting babies or are new parents. With your generous support, these young parents have been able to feed, clothe, and house their children. It was very special to see these parents find gifts for their children at the December Holiday Store that you made possible.



Most importantly, you’ve helped to make HomePlate a unique place where youth feel they can ask for support and feel like they belong no matter their race, ethnicity, gender, or disability. Thank you for helping us to make HomePlate a safe and caring place for the past twelve years! 

, Monday Night Drop-in to Move to Beaverton

In an effort to consolidate our resources, we are moving our Monday night drop-in to the Beaverton First United Methodist Church Fellowship Hall on February 6, 2017. We’ll be serving dinner there between 6-8 PM starting next week. The address is 12555 SW 4th Street, Beaverton 97005 and it is located just behind our new office. We’re looking for volunteers to help us out weekly and dinner volunteers for this new location. Please contact if you can help out.


We are very grateful to Pastor Bernie Bosnjak and the Hillsboro Friends Church for generously sharing their space and resources with us and for always welcoming and advocating for the youth we serve. Please consider a donation to the “Bernie Youth Fund” in her honor. This fund helps us get youth their IDs, pay for apartment applications, work shoes, and many other special youth needs.  


Checks can be made to HomePlate Youth Services, and sent to P.O. Box 1413, Beaverton, OR 97075. Memo line “Bernie Youth Fund”.  Contact for more information.


HomePlate Offers Warmth & Relief in Winter

Can you imagine what staying outdoors day and night might feel like now? Unfortunately people’s living situations don’t change with the snow, so HomePlate offers consistent services in all kinds of weather. We are a resource when other public services are closed.


Recently a couple who had one of our outreach cards remembered that we are in central Beaverton and stopped by during the storm to pick up boots, coats, and food. We were the only place they could come during the day to get out of the cold, because the library was closed. By night they make their way to one of the shelters in Portland.


The Outreach Team has heard from folks on the street they are really glad to see them and get the hats, snacks, hand warmers, gloves, and warm smiles. The youth were super grateful for the respite from the elements. They also complimented the hardiness of our Outreach Workers! “You guys are real troopers to be out here in this!”


Thanks so much to the many people who equipped our Outreach Team with the emergency relief supplies they carry in their bright green backpacks! We can’t do this work without you!


For people needing overnight shelter, please click HERE to refer to the Washington County Severe Weather Shelter list.