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The Dish: FarmPlate and Summer News

Join us for FarmPlate on Sept. 20th! Dinner &  Raffle tickets for United Airlines on sale now. Welcome our new HomePlate staff!

The Dish: Spring News & 10th Anniversary

Celebrate with us at our 10th Anniversary & Volunteer Appreciation Day April 25th!  HP Youth programming news; Kickball tournament, & more!

The Dish: Holiday News & Thanks

Donate to HomePlate through the Willamette Week's Give!Guide until Dec. 31st; Holiday Store for our youth; Tickets for the Mayor's Ball go on sale Jan. 1st.

How your support made a difference...

How your support makes a difference; donate to HomePlate through the Willamette Week's Give!Guide until Dec. 31st; Tickets for the Mayor's Ball go on sale Jan. 1st.

The Dish: Fall 2014 -- HomePlate Newletter

Holiday Happenings, Upcoming Events. Youth Corner, Job Opening and more...

The Dish: FarmPlate Thank Yous and More

Thanks for making FarmPlate a success! Join us at VillaSport Athletic Club & Spa's Open House on August 16th in Beaverton.