HomePlate Offers Warmth & Relief in Winter

HomePlate Staff in the snow 2016.jpg

Can you imagine what staying outdoors day and night might feel like now? Unfortunately people’s living situations don’t change with the snow, so HomePlate offers consistent services in all kinds of weather. We are a resource when other public services are closed.

Recently a couple who had one of our outreach cards remembered that we are in central Beaverton and stopped by during the storm to pick up boots, coats, and food. We were the only place they could come during the day to get out of the cold, because the library was closed. By night they make their way to one of the shelters in Portland.

The Outreach Team has heard from folks on the street they are really glad to see them and get the hats, snacks, hand warmers, gloves, and warm smiles. The youth were super grateful for the respite from the elements. They also complimented the hardiness of our Outreach Workers! “You guys are real troopers to be out here in this!”

Thanks so much to the many people who equipped our Outreach Team with the emergency relief supplies they carry in their bright green backpacks! We can’t do this work without you!

For people needing overnight shelter, please click HERE to refer to the Washington County Severe Weather Shelter list.