Sit-n-Stay completes its 4th successful season!

Sit-n-Stay 2016.jpg

HomePlate would like to thank everyone who stopped by the Beaverton Farmer’s Market this summer to support the Sit-n-Stay Program. This year we provided dog sitting services over 185 times, raised nearly $1,700 to support our YEP programming and employed eight youth!

This year of Sit-n-Stay was chalk full of inspiring memories. We couldn’t be more impressed by the youth who worked this program. Many of our youth literally slept outside the night before, and still managed to make it to work on time and produce good quality work for the program. Perhaps the most enduring memory from Sit-n-Stay comes from a youth staff member who was actually allergic to dogs. Despite his allergy, he could still be seen week after week cuddling with our many four-legged friends. His commitment to our program and the dogs showed in the huge smile on his face despite his allergies.