Your Support Makes a Difference!

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It’s an exciting time at HomePlate! Each week our new space is busier and busier as youth learn from our Outreach Team about our Tuesday afternoon drop-in. Youth are also making daily appointments to meet our new Employment Coordinator, Christi, and she has been very busy helping them fill out resumes and find jobs. It is all possible because of your investment in the young people of our community.

Because of your generous support, we’re able to help youth get their IDs to apply for employment and housing. In the bitter weather we provided a place to warm up, eat a snack, find a heavy coat or sleeping bag. You helped us keep our Youth Pantry well-stocked and made yummy dinners for our evening drop-ins. Office volunteers help keep us organized and provide a welcoming presence. Community volunteers provide cooking classes, crafts, games, and outside excursions. These are so important to a sense of mastery and belonging. 

Some of the youth we serve are expecting babies or are new parents. With your generous support, these young parents have been able to feed, clothe, and house their children. It was very special to see these parents find gifts for their children at the December Holiday Store that you made possible.

Most importantly, you’ve helped to make HomePlate a unique place where youth feel they can ask for support and feel like they belong no matter their race, ethnicity, gender, or disability. Thank you for helping us to make HomePlate a safe and caring place for the past twelve years!