Brittany’s 2015 FarmPlate speech

I first heard of HomePlate from my sister about 8 or 9 years ago. After having my first child, my sister would bring her to HomePlate all the time. It took me awhile to go with them, but after I finally did, I realized how amazing it was with so many resources, and I have been coming pretty much ever since.

HomePlate has meant so much to me because they have helped me and my kids so much. For me, everything is so expensive because we have custody of five kids, especially around the start of school and the holidays. Last September, when we were getting all of the back-to-school stuff ready for them, we stopped at HomePlate. I was able to get all the kids new clothes for the year and all of their school supplies. I could have cried, because the only things I had to try and buy myself were shoes. We are also able to make sure every kid gets a present around Christmas time and they can even pick them out for me and wrap it themselves.

There have been times we really need help and other times when we don’t need it as much, but HomePlate is always there. I thought I knew what my resources were and I was set, but I have learned about so much more through HomePlate. They even gave me a referral to get furniture when I got into a place.

I love everyone who comes in and volunteers and everyone who works for HomePlate. They all care so much about helping people. My kids have built relationships with everyone too and no one is afraid to ask for anything they need. HomePlate is such a comfortable and caring space. It’s almost like another family.

Thank you!