ChefPlate: Fun New Nutrition & Cooking Program Begins

ChefPlate 3_3_16 newsletter.jpg

Throughout the month of May, youth will spend time dreaming up fun, exciting recipes and learn about healthy nutrition in the new, interactive cooking program 'ChefPlate'. ChefPlate brings youth to the kitchen in order to learn and put into practice culinary skills while also building community through making and sharing dinner together! In partnership with the Cedar Hills United Church of Christ, the National College of Natural Medicine (NCNM) and Whole Foods Market, ChefPlate is a holistic cooking experience that engages youth to master new skills and gain confidence and a sense of independence in themselves.

The inaugural ChefPlate session began on May 3rd with the most important meal of the day, breakfast! Youth made scones, pancakes and scrambled eggs. Nutrition questions and demonstrations from NCNM discussed healthy fats and carbohydrates, the importance of fruits and vegetables and how to better create a balanced plate.Youth gained confidence in their abilities too! Al, a participating youth, expressed that they “liked the fact that people like [their] food!” and Felicia had fun “making and eating the food!” ChefPlate brings youth, staff and volunteers together for a fun experience to learn from each other and build a strong, well-fed community!