Thank You & Farewell to JVs Deirdre & Marielle!

Marielle & Deirdre July 2016.jpg

With gratitude for their service and our best wishes for their future plans, we fondly wish Deirdre and Marielle farewell at the end of this month. As this year’s Jesuit Volunteers Northwest from AmeriCorps, they give a year of intensive service while living in a community house on a very tight budget. The support and perspective they bring to HomePlate is invaluable and we’ll miss having them on our team!

In the role of Programming Coordinator, Deirdre has connected youth with many different community partners using her fabulous organizational skills.

"HomePlate inspires me! Everyday I got to see the world in a new way thanks to the youth, staff and volunteers. My year at HomePlate has been a chance to hear stories full of joy and heartbreak, witness and share in the growth of those around me and be a part, if for just a short time, of an incredible mission to meet youth where they are at with open minds and hearts. I would like to thank the amazing volunteers who shared their time and talents during drop-in programming and excursions, the generous staff who have supported me throughout the year, but most importantly the youth who have shown me how to find hope and happiness in each moment even in the face of adversity. I leave HomePlate with a heart full of joy and gratitude." 

Marielle, in her role as an Outreach Worker, has met youth where they are in the community and brought her compassion and warmth to each encounter.

“I have loved walking through this year with youth - building trust and relationships with folks whom I've met outside on outreach and inside the drop-in space. It's been incredible to serve with such passionate staff and dedicated volunteers, and I will carry with me all that has cracked, lightened, and stretched my heart this year. Thank you, HomePlate!”

Thank YOU, Marielle and Deirdre! We’ll miss you!

On August 17th we look forward to meeting the new JVs, Laura and Kelsey, and welcoming them to our team for the coming year!!