Welcoming Babies to HomePlate!

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Amongst the many youth who come to and know HomePlate, there are a number that have young people of their own. Our Outreach Team makes an effort to visit our new parents in the hospital, bringing them relief in the form of essentials such as blankets, diapers, formula and clothing for the newborns and for the youth themselves. Becoming a parent is a joy but it also can be challenging, particularly if the parent is also dealing with housing insecurity.

Just this past month, some of you might have seen on our Facebook page that our Outreach team visited a young mother the day after giving birth. When she was asked by the hospital staff if she had people she could reach out to for support she shared that, yes, she had about four or five people who could help her and two of them were actually in the room, She was speaking of the two Outreach team members visiting her and her daughter.

After posting this story, HomePlate received a comment from a graduated youth that she also remembered the outreach team coming to visit her after giving birth. She said she was excited to see that folks, "still see and have that trust" with HomePlate. We feel overjoyed that youth welcome us to be, and remember us as, a part of their journey as parents and we thank you all for your constant support so we can continue to build those trusting relationships!