Finding Home

Chyenne has been with HomePlate since 2015, first being introduced through our Sit-n-Stay program. Since then, she's attended drop-ins regularly, but always struggled with finding a safe place to call home. This year, Chyenne had her first child and was determined to find a stable place for her, her daughter, and partner Lulu.


After many months of rotating through the family shelter network, an opportunity to lease an apartment presented itself and just this week, Amber from the outreach team, was able to move them and all their belongings into their new and permanent home! During trips between the car and the apartment, Chyenne said to Amber, "Can you believe it? I've been homeless since you've known me, and now my name is actually on a lease."

We are so excited this amazing, strong, and resilient family has finally found a place to be proud of and to call home!