Volunteer Spotlight: Bonnie Welcomes Youth to Our Day Space


Volunteers like Bonnie Martin are a ray of sunshine. When weary youth come off the streets on Tuesday afternoons to HomePlate's Beaverton Day Space, they are greeted by a warm smile from Bonnie. She welcomes them into the space and wholly accepts them for who they are. It is her mission to not only accept youth, but to create an environment where they have the opportunity to be who they are.

Bonnie is the mother of two children aged 21 and 24. She has seen her own children struggle through the challenges of growing up and discovering their identities. Her eldest child is gender non-binary, so Bonnie has personal experience of working with youth who are figuring out who they are. She also has a lot of community youth work experience and has lead Girl Scout Troop #799, Destination Imagination, and co-lead Boy Scout Troop #728. When Bonnie heard about HomePlate through an ad for a donation drive that the Leedy Grange was running, she investigated HomePlate more and recognized it as a new opportunity to serve local youth.

With her past experiences and generous heart, Bonnie has been able to contribute deeply to HomePlate. For almost a year, she has been a regular volunteer at HomePlate and actively uses compassionate listening to let youth know that they are heard, loved, and matter. This can be an empowering interaction for youth who often feel marginalized and overlooked. She assists youth in finding what they are looking for, whether it’s shampoo, socks, or a coat. When HomePlate has been low on much needed items, like bottles of water, she has stepped up to help meet that need through personal donations.  We are very grateful for the consistant and caring support Bonnie offers to our youth at HomePlate!