Youth Learn New Leadership Skills in the HomeBase Program

Alec at Sit-n-Stay June 2019.jpg

Alec is this year’s Assistant Manager for Sit-n-Stay in our HomeBase Leadership program. This is an opportunity for a youth who has aged out of our program to grow their employment skills through supervising our Sit-n-Stay program at the Beaverton Farmers Market. Alec is learning many new skills and growing in confidence as a leader with mentoring from our Youth Employment team.  


Alec started coming to HomePlate about 6 years ago when his family situation was so challenging he needed to be “home less” even though he wasn’t technically homeless. With us he found a sense of belonging and positive role models. He is now 26 and currently works full time as a dishwasher at a local restaurant. He works for HomePlate’s Sit-n-Stay program 10 hours and sometimes works a 14-15 hour day between the two jobs. He has been stably housed for a couple of years and shares an apartment with his siblings.  

As an Assistant Manager for Sit-n-Stay in the HomeBase Leadership program, Alec is learning many new skills. He had never used a computer for work before this job, nor had he led a team of other workers. He uses his positive energy and affirming statements to keep the team motivated. Sit-n-Stay is very busy this summer, so there is a lot to juggle. He is also learning how to speak to customers and meet new people. With time and practice, he is developing the confidence to overcome his initial shyness. He loves this opportunity to learn, and he REALLY loves working with the dogs and puppies.

Stop by and say, “Hi” to Alec at the market this summer! He’s sure to make you chuckle with his jokes and warm smile.