HomePlate Offers Warmth & Relief in Winter

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Can you imagine what staying outdoors day and night might feel like now? Unfortunately people’s living situations don’t change with the snow, so HomePlate offers consistent services in all kinds of weather. We are a resource when other public services are closed.

Recently a couple who had one of our outreach cards remembered that we are in central Beaverton and stopped by during the storm to pick up boots, coats, and food. We were the only place they could come during the day to get out of the cold, because the library was closed. By night they make their way to one of the shelters in Portland.

The Outreach Team has heard from folks on the street they are really glad to see them and get the hats, snacks, hand warmers, gloves, and warm smiles. The youth were super grateful for the respite from the elements. They also complimented the hardiness of our Outreach Workers! “You guys are real troopers to be out here in this!”

Thanks so much to the many people who equipped our Outreach Team with the emergency relief supplies they carry in their bright green backpacks! We can’t do this work without you!

For people needing overnight shelter, please click HERE to refer to the Washington County Severe Weather Shelter list.

Tuesday Afternoon Drop-in Begins

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On Tuesday afternoons we are hosting drop-in from 2-5 PM at our new office home in Central Beaverton. This drop-in is particularly helpful to youth who work evenings and is within walking distance of the library and other services. Youth enjoy the cozy atmosphere and facilities very much.

They are able to fix themselves a snack, shower, work on accessing housing or employment resources, and feel safe and welcome. They also can wash their clothing and find fresh apparel and toiletries. Thanks to generous donations, we have a youth pantry stocked with soup and sandwich fixings, plus there are craft materials if they feel creative. Often the big table in the dining area is full of conversations and projects. It is an exciting and special place!

It really is home-like. I really like the idea of there being a washer and dryer. That’s really cool!
— Alec

Holiday Store for Youth Dec. 12,14 & 15

Each December HomePlate hosts a "Holiday Store" at each of our drop-in locations. The store is full of new items for youth to give to their loved ones as gifts. This beloved tradition features a store which is free to youth and includes items for all ages and interests. Generous community supporters donate new gifts from a variety of suggestions priced under $20. Please refer to the attached flyer for gift ideas.

All donations for the Holiday Store must be received by Monday, Dec. 5th at our new location in Beaverton. The address is 12520 SW 3rd Street, Beaverton. Our regular donation receiving days are Wednesday and Thursday from 2-5 PM. Please contact Laura at activities@homeplateyouth.org or 971-8-284-8988 with questions or to arrange to drop-off donations outside of those hours.

Volunteers are needed to help set up the store at each location, transport items between locations, provide personal shopping and wrapping services. Please contact Amy@homeplateyouth.org for more information about volunteering at the Holiday Store.


Helping the Homeless Youth in Beaverton


Beaverton Valley Times article written by Mandy Feder-Sawyer 

Eight months ago, Brianna Yandell was an isolated, homeless young mother with few opportunities and little support.

Yandell’s living situation was not always so desperate; she was adopted when she was 3 years old by an affluent family. They were good to her, she said, but she always felt a bit like an outsider.
“I was always the odd one out,” she said.

Yandell said that her adoptive parents are still supportive of her on their own terms, but don’t really understand her for who she is.

Yandell moved to Oregon from Delaware with her daughter and her child’s father, but soon found herself alone, living in a tent in the woods. She remained homeless for about two-and-half years.
That’s when Yandell, 24, decided to utilize the services at HomePlate youth drop-in services. HomePlate services is Washington County’s only drop-in center and outreach team designed to support and empower youth experiencing housing instability.

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Sit-n-Stay completes its 4th successful season!

Sit-n-Stay 2016.jpg

HomePlate would like to thank everyone who stopped by the Beaverton Farmer’s Market this summer to support the Sit-n-Stay Program. This year we provided dog sitting services over 185 times, raised nearly $1,700 to support our YEP programming and employed eight youth!

This year of Sit-n-Stay was chalk full of inspiring memories. We couldn’t be more impressed by the youth who worked this program. Many of our youth literally slept outside the night before, and still managed to make it to work on time and produce good quality work for the program. Perhaps the most enduring memory from Sit-n-Stay comes from a youth staff member who was actually allergic to dogs. Despite his allergy, he could still be seen week after week cuddling with our many four-legged friends. His commitment to our program and the dogs showed in the huge smile on his face despite his allergies.

We’re home in central Beaverton!

We’re home in central Beaverton!

Because of the outpouring of support, we’re super excited to announce that we’ve been able to move into our new space in central Beaverton! We’re still unpacking and getting things set up, but we’re loving the new location which is very accessible for the youth we serve. The youth are very excited, too, and in a few weeks we’ll start a weekly Tuesday afternoon drop-in.  Please join us on October 18th for our Open House and Ribbon Cutting by Beaverton Mayor Denny Doyle and the Beaverton Chamber of Commerce (see details below).