the youth

Many youth we see at HomePlate don't appear any different than your children, family members, or friends. They are striving to survive, while also maintaining their social ties, dignity, and outward appearance as a 'normal' youth. Some of the youth we see are working, going to school, or raising families. Some of the youth we meet are living with physical or mental challenges, addiction, legal histories, and negative family influences. They are all unique.

Research shows a higher rate of success for youth who are able to receive services in their own communities. This prevents youth from exposure to 'street acculturation', prostitution, drug-culture, and other risk factors more prevalent in urban areas. HomePlate strives to serve youth in their own communities, preserving healthy social ties and utilizing existing safety factors like friends, supportive family members, and keeping youth in their own schools.

“HomePlate gave me the resources to do what I needed to do... They are there to help you get where you need to go.”
— James & Jaxx
I’m happy that I got to do Sit-n-Stay because it helped me out with my teamwork, customer service, and attendance.
— Rebecca
At HomePlate, you can get all the help you need. I thank all of the people who volunteer.
— Shukri