HomePlate's mission is to support the positive efforts of youth experiencing homelessness through relationships. Much of what we do is listening, processing their situations, recognizing achievements, and providing guidance. Time, attention, being a positive role model, and providing support for youth to make positive choices is our goal.
Using a highly individualized and long-term relationship-oriented approach, HomePlate has met over 8,000 youth since opening in 2005. While our focus is with youth experiencing homelessness we welcome any hungry youth regardless of race, ethnicity, personal belief, sexual orientation, disability, or personal history.

Volunteer with HomePlate

In service of our mission, HomePlate provides a continuum of assistance that offers a wide variety of opportunities for volunteer involvement...

  • Core Volunteer: Core volunteers come regularly on drop-in nights. Although we have staff present, we rely heavily on regular volunteers to staff the drop-in. These core volunteers are critical to the success of the program which relies heavily on relationship building. Through these long term relationships, youth and core volunteers build trust to enable the exchange of ideas and referrals.
  • Dinner Volunteer: During HomePlate's drop-in hours, a meal is served for 40-60 people (including volunteers). We rely on generous volunteer support to provide these meals and to interact with the youth by serving the meal.
  • Interested in providing dinner? Check the calendar for open nights and menu ideas.
  • Activities Volunteer: Join our youth on one-time excursions into the community to explore new places and develop new skills.
  • Outreach Volunteer: Get into the community with our Outreach Workers to reach out to youth and tell them about HomePlate. 
  • Employment Volunteer: Support youth in their job searches and in developing their job skills.
  • Special Event Volunteer: We have several major fundraisers each year including Home Runs for Homeless Youth kickball tournament and our FarmPlate dinner and auction. We rely on volunteers to help us staff these events and provide other support. We have several other smaller events throughout the year which require support.
  • Keep Us Organized: Volunteers are needed to help us keep our resource closet tidy, provide data processing support, and provide help addressing envelopes when we have mailings. 
  • Task-forces, Committees, or Board of Directors. We are always looking for committed and talented volunteers to help us bring more funding, services, and vision to our work with youth experiencing housing instability. Typically persons interested in being part of our Board of Directors first serve on as a task-force or committee member.
    Opportunities include joining our ongoing small business or event task forces, marketing or funding committees, or providing short term support for special projects that come up throughout the year.

To get involved and discuss volunteer options, please contact: 

Amy Smetana, Volunteer Coordinator
(971)-238-3055 or amy@homeplateyouth.org