Who We Are

HomePlate is Washington County's only drop-in center and outreach team designed to support and empower youth experiencing housing instability. In 2016 we served 576 youth, with the help of 937 volunteers, a staff of 7.0 FTE, and over $75,243 in in-kind donations such as hygiene supplies, clothes, space, time, and donated food. HomePlate is proud of our non-assuming program model that meets youth where they are in order to provide meaningful support and opportunities for growth. We thrive on the support of community members who volunteer, donate and advocate on behalf of 'invisible' youth in our community - thank you!
HomePlate operates four drop-in centers, Mondays, Tuesdays and Wednesdays in Beaverton and Thursdays in Hillsboro.  Youth can access resources like: a hot meal, showers, hygiene supplies, clothes, food to go, bus tickets, diapers and baby wipes, and resource & referral information. At our office location they can also do their laundry and make appointments to meet with our Employment Coordinator and Outreach Team outside of drop-in hours. Best of all, youth can enjoy the community of staff, volunteers, and other youth while enjoying movies, board games, arts and crafts, and dinner table conversation.